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Lyketil was born during the round-the-world mission with Solar Impulse, out of the ambition to join our complementary competencies in digital marketing and multimedia production. We want to help small and medium businesses grow online and ensure they keep a competitive edge in the years to come.
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Digital is not the future – it is now. Passionate about the visual arts (design, photography, videography), we like to find out where our creativity has an impact. Digital tools have matured enough to accurately measure these efforts, and encourage an iterative creative process – with concrete goals in mind.

A small team of two, we love to work closely with you, get involved in your goals, share your challenges and follow-up with the results. We’re a small agile business with the processes of the successful big companies we worked with.

Bruno Boehm

Bruno Boehm

Co-founder - Designer, Digital strategist & Developer

M.Sc, EMLYON Business School, Grande École
Full-Stack Web Development, Flatiron School

I <3 how the web is an unlimited playground for those who <understand /> its #languages. In a few bytes of code, you create products and experiences that solve problems, change habits and even lives. It sometimes feels like being all at once a digital artist, an architect, a doctor, a mechanic and an explorer.
When I’m not working, where I’m going… we don’t need code.


Noemi Renevey

Noemi Renevey

Co-founder - Videographer, Editor & Digital Strategist

M.A, International Relations, Graduate Institute Geneva
Cinematography & Editing, Prague Film School

Video-making is a little bit like fishing: after a day in high boots running (or crawling) around with equipment, you bring your treasures back to the comfort of your home (or editing station). I love everything about image-making, from discussing your wishes and translating them visually, to actually making it happen.
When I’m not working, I’m probably still taking pictures.


Switzerland-based and worldwide bound

We’re at the heart of Europe and our experiences have made us international at heart: we’ve worked and lived in Singapore, Paris, Lyon, Boston, Tunis, Accra, Shanghai, Oslo, Prague, Munich; but also followed a solar airplane around the world for two years. Let’s just say we’re not afraid of packing up!

Lyketil - Lausanne

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