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Digital marketing aims at understanding and connecting with your target audiences at the right place and time, in their online spaces. Digital marketing is the structure of your online presence, which gives coherence and creates synergies between all your channels, activities and content.
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Activate your online presence

A lot of what is done online has no real strategy and direction, lacks structure and coherence across online activities, or simply is dormant because of a lack thereof. What is a platform or a social network without a goal and regular activity? What is a website or a landing page without inbound traffic? Thanks to digital activation, we bring life back to the system, connect your properties, design a strategy and structure your activities, to ultimately create results and grow your business.

Digital activation means finding the comprehensive, coherent and efficient digital marketing mix – the right channels, content and activities – to achieve your business results. It implies deeply connecting and regularly activating chosen digital assets to create leads, as well as new and loyal customers.

Digital assets are often categorized in 3 main categories:

Owned media encompass your digital properties. It can be your website, mobile site, blog, and to some extent your social media channels.

These media channels are under your direct influence and are our first priority. We will set up a clear user experience as well as a conversion funnel to lead your visitors to your objectives.

Earned media – also called “free media” – refer to exposure generated by word-of-mouth: social media mentions, shares, reposts and reviews.

By working on your offers, content, and by triggering and animating community discussions, you will maximize earned media potential.

Paid media is financed by your advertising budget (PPC google ads, social media ads) to help boost your exposure.

Paid media can help you broaden your acquisition scope, by reaching new audiences on search engines, advertising networks or social networks. We can work together on such a strategy – selecting targets, designing ads and optimizing ads performance for profitability. 

Digital Strategy: align your online assets with your goal

All of your assets are disconnected as long as they don’t benefit from a clear digital strategy. Your strategy takes its roots in your brand values, target segments, and business objectives. Usually, your goal is to drive sales and customer loyalty. A good example is the “inbound marketing” funnel strategy that aims at attracting, converting, closing and continuously delighting customers with digital content.

Once you’ve chosen your strategy and your digital assets are in place, you will select tactics to put it into action. Below is a wrap-up of some common tactics.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosts your free/organic traffic, which helps you rank higher in search results

Content Marketing

Creating interesting and useful content drives awareness, traffic, lead generation and customer growth

Online Advertising

PPC is online advertising like Google Adwords, or social media advertising. It creates traffic and engagement

Email Marketing

Email marketing is about fostering relationships through regular updates and relevant content to your subscribed users

Digital PR

Online press relations create earned media through digital publications – blogs and articles- by media

Marketing Automation

Digital “MarTech” tools integrate all of your stack, and aim at automating emails, social posts, and internal processes

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote your products through the network of influencers, companies and other websites, in exchange for a commission

Messenger Bots

Chat bots are an emerging trend in marketing, and could well be the future of customer dialogue

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