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When it comes to building a website, there are many technologies and possibilities out there, and it can quickly feel intimidating… So if you’re looking for a simple but rock-solid CMS, WordPress is our favorite pick.
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Our WordPress Development Process

We take websites very seriously. A website by itself will not satisfy your expectations if it is not integrated with a complete digital vision and strategy.

The 50$ website is a myth: to reach real digital business objectives, you need to consider your website as a new branch of your business: if requires time and resources.
The great thing is that it pays off, and that we’re here to help.


Starting from your objectives we’ll define an action plan

Design & Development

We’ll wireframe, design, develop, and user-test


We’ll launch your site and perform regular maintenance and checkups

Website Optimization

Learning from your users, we’ll fine-tune your website to increase conversion

1. From Business strategy to Digital strategy definition

Your digital strategy takes its roots in your business goals. We start by converting these goals to the digital sphere, through key segments and user personas, in accordance with your products and value propositions, your sales objectives, strategy and tactics. We also focus on your competition, to understand who your actual competitors are in the digital realm.

With the help of the latest digital research tools, we are able to get a clear vision of your digital business, its challenges, and the solutions to overcome these. We are able to measure results and ROI each step of the way.

2. Project scope of work, deliverables and planning

Building on our basic strategic audit, we’ll work together on an action plan, choose and prioritize actions based on their relative impact on your business objectives.

From this scope of work, we’ll establish a budget and timeline.

3. Website architecture, UX and wireframes

Following our preliminary market and competition study, and according to your objectives and digital strategies, we enter the website’s conception phase.

Conception usually starts with wireframes and thinking about the user experience on your website. We will base our proposal on proven and recent best practices.

4. Visual Design and Responsive UI

Once the wireframes are tested and you give us your greenlight, we enter Phase 2 of your website’s conception.

Keeping abreast of web design’s latest trends, we take your brand’s DNA to conceive of a user interface (UI). This interface will look just like your future site for maximum realism. We usually set up an interactive prototype that you and beta testers are able to test.

5. Website development

Once you validate the UI prototype, we move on from design to real code.

Based on our development standard, we will build clean code, following WordPress Core coding guidelines and Genesis framework’s best practices. Our code is on version control, so that the whole building process is recorded and nothing is lost of your code base.

6. Website Acceptance Testing on a Staging Site

Once the website is developed and tested locally, we push it to our development (staging) server. This server is the exact replica of the final (production) server, and is available on the internet, protected by a password.

We receive your feedback and take the time to make sure everything works as expected, based on the scope of work. Usually, getting a beta-tester group to test every single feature on the website is good practice at this point.

7. Launch on the live production site

D-day is here. We clone your development site to the real hosting (also called “production environment”). Once the domain opens to the public, your site is live.

We then submit your website to Google bots for indexation. As your first users visit your website, we make sure all of your features work, and, more importantly,  convert as expected.

8. Website maintenance, performance optimization

From this moment on, your website is backed-up on a regular basis to ensure maximum safety. We work on optimizing its performance, mostly for page speed.

Your first-class website should now be fully operational from a technical standpoint.

9. Website SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization

The first month following the launch of your website, we are able to follow closely your key performance indicators. Is your site acquiring users from organic search (Google) and social media? Are visitors doing what you want them to do once on the site? Are the right pages visited? Are the right forms submitted and buttons clicked?

We will optimize your SEO, link your site to social media, and also work on conversion rate optimization, in order to make the most of each visit.

By then, your website should be a digital marketing powerhouse, and with follow-up, constant optimization, content creation, persistence and patience, results will start to build-up gradually. Remember: the site is just the platform, you have to feed it, bring it to life, and take care of each visitor as if they were entering your shop.

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love WordPress

With 27% of the world’s websites powered by WordPress, it is a safe choice and investment for your online presence.

It’s easy to use, reliable, optimized for performance on today’s web, and used by big names like The New Yorker, Bata, Fortune, and even Facebook Newsroom. As an open-source technology leading the CMS industry for over 10 years, WordPress is our first choice.

Wordpress has a solid reputation

WordPress powers 27% of all websites, and is used by over 78,000,000 websites – including 22% of the top 100 websites. It’s been around for over 10 years:  it is a solid technology and a mature platform.

Wordpress has wide industry support

Because of its popularity, all hosting providers make it easy to install WordPress. And if you ever need to change your hosting provider, migrating your site is made painless. 

WordPress integrates with some of the most powerful platforms available to give your business that additional boost. Need to launch an email campaign? You can use a service like Aweber or MailChimp. Want to get paid for a product or service? WordPress can work with some of the most popular payment gateways in the world.

Wordpress is extendable and fully customizable

WordPress has built a community regrouping ten of thousands of contributors, whose starter themes and plugins should enable you to build a beautiful and incredibly functional website in a very flexible manner.

You can use WordPress in any of the following functionalities: blog, content management system (CMS), landing page, gallery, portfolio, rating website, shopping store, video collection site, membership site, forum.

Wordpress is free and open source

WordPress’ source code is open-source, free, and there’s no monthly fee, except your hosting plan. As such, there’s no hidden fee. You are free to download, install, use and modify it for your needs.

Unlike closed-source technologies, WordPress was refined thousands of times by countless contributor developers, ensuring the quality of its source code.

Wordpress is backed by an amazing community

Thanks to its open-source nature, WordPress is a community software. It is maintained by a large group of volunteers, majority of whom are WordPress consultants with active interests in growing and maintaining WP.

Finding WordPress developers is easy, you’ll never be alone and in trouble.

Wordpress is easy to use as a CMS

WordPress’ simple interface allows you to modify any page of your website, upload content, pictures, videos, pdfs for your products, slider images and much more.

It’s easy to learn, and should you have any doubt, countless tutorials are available on the web – from beginner to advanced developer-level topics.

Wordpress is optimized and secure

You need a website that’s mobile responsive, optimized for search engines (SEO) and social media sharing? WordPress’ code is clean and well known for its performance.

It’s safe and secure, as WordPress’ software is constantly updated to prevent attacks (automatic update feature ever since the release of version 3.7). You want complete peace of mind? Make sure your code and database content gets backed-up daily.

Our WordPress website development standards

You need a website that’s reliable and well built. To ensure code quality, we follow WordPress Core PHP coding standards for WordPress website development.

We also strive to stay at the forefront of WordPress website development best practices, and use the latest tools and workflows to ensure cutting-edge wordpress website development.

Wordpress Genesis Framework

To build clean and efficient code, we have chosen leading WordPress framework: “Genesis”. Using the Genesis Framework allows us to follow the latest standards in quality WordPress development: SEO optimization, professional WordPress coding standards, responsive design, improved security.

We use modern CSS workflows based on SASS for increased website performance and browser coverage.

End to end code testing

Our code is tested (unit tests), and checked on all major desktops and mobile browsers, thanks to dedicated tools on virtual machines. We strive to make sure our WordPress website development works on all machines and major browsers out there.

No cowboy-coding on your live website: with our WordPress website development process, everything gets tested and validated first. Your website is first tested on a password-protected staging server, before it goes live on the real website (production server).

Your codebase under Git Version Control
What it is: Github and Bitbucket are leading version control repositories where your code history is hosted. What it means for you: all your code is documented, each step of the development is logged and accessible, making it faster and safer to develop, and keeping a record of the history of your website. Whenever you need a new agency or developer, your code is simple to take over.
Full website maintenance tools

We handle updates, backups, plugins and theme management;
We perform periodic performance and up-time checks;
We produce web-marketing analytics reports using the best of the martech stack.

Notorious WordPress Plugins

Years of comparing and testing led us to trust, use and recommend a pool of top-notch plugins.

They are chosen for their wide usage, professional support, total reliability, technical stability and regular code updates.

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