Sound Sound Festival 2017

3-day multimedia coverage for Pully Sound Sound Festival. Photo, video, facebook live streaming, to provide the team with content and memories for their digital properties.


Content Creation for SoundSound Festival

We’ve made it all, like real festival hardcore fans : DJing school for kids, punk rock blues trash concerts, Paganini’s violin marvels in the church, late night electronic DJ sets and even the crazy silent disco party… 30 cumulated hours to film, shoot, Facebook live-stream and edit most of the events of this amazing festival.

Our mission was to provide SoundSound Festival with a complete set of digital material for their online storytelling, and to fuel next year’s edition promotion.

Pully Sound Sound Festival 2017

Le Pully Sound Sound Festival 2017, c'était ça! ✖️Par Lyketil - Digital Lab

Gepostet von Pully Sound Sound Festival am Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

Facebook Live Streaming

Part of our plan was to live-stream a DJ set of the Pully SoundSound Festival on Facebook. We created a mobile 3-camera setup to cover any part of the concert hall, edited live and streamed to Facebook.


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