Air & Slide Show 2017

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A huge 10 meters high structure was up for two days in Lausanne’s city center: the “Big Air”, an impressive launching ramp for rollers, bikes, and skates. The reason for that? The Air & Slide show, organized each year by urban sports association La Fièvre, who passes the skating/rollers legacy down to the new generations. However, no skater dared try the Big Air: too technical, too complex. That’s just about enough to judge the level of those who did try, rolling, biking or scooting down the ramp, reaching 60km/h speed peaks before lifting up again in the airs.

The best of it all? Everything is available for you to watch even if you missed it… because we covered the event on Facebook LIVE! Check it out, but sit down first. Make sure you watch the cool tricks at 23:22, 34:20 and 35:30!

As impressive as those tricks, in another style, parkour demos (also a Facebook LIVE):

And before Saturday, Friday had its adrenaline shots as well:

Want even more of this? Check the LIVE 360 we made during La Fièvre’s annual Bowl Jam Session.

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