Solar Impulse in 360 Video

Around the world in a Solar Airplane, embedded in the team with a 360° immersive view. 7 Videos : an incredibly efficient format to share this extraordinary adventure and communicate Si2 pilot's #futureisclean message on Youtube and Facebook.

360 Video Production for Solar Impulse

A pioneering adventure called for a pioneering coverage. From the experimental 6 GoPro camera rigs to 8 lightweight individual 360 cameras mounted on the aircraft and embedded in the team, we set up a thorough coverage.

Our goal: to enable Solar Impulse’s followers to discover the adventure in an immersive way. We even had the chance to shoot the first 360 video shot at 28’000 ft in a solar-powered airplane.

Discover below the 360 video playlist containing the videos we produced – and don’t forget to use your mobile phone (and move it around), or use a head-mounted display (like Google Cardboard).

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