La Jetée de la Compagnie

360 LIVE : Making sure the online community was aware of the bar's reopening after a long winter break ! We worked together on launching a Facebook LIVE in 360 degree on the D-Day, for maximum reach.

La Jetée’s 360 LIVE Story

In Switzerland, our snow-filled, continental weather only allows for a few months of outdoors chilling. It’s a challenge for outdoorsy bars, who pop-up on the Lakefront from April to September, to keep their online community engaged during the winter break. Opening up slightly earlier than usual thanks to an incredibly sunny month of April, we thought La Jetée would benefit from a LIVE 360 to celebrate its awaited reopening and help make it the first choice for after-work drinks among its community. A very busy evening indeed, with more than 4000 people showing up !

Our Work for La Jetée de la Compagnie

Here is the core of our work for La Jetée de la Compagnie. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

360 Video

We used our 360 gear to provide La Jetée with a fully-edited 360 video to fuel their online content strategy.

LIVE Streaming

We planned, set-up, troubleshooted, posted and monitored the performance of our 360 LIVE on social media (Facebook Live).

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