HS36 Skatepark Bowl Jam Contest 2017

HS36 is the biggest indoor skatepark in Lausanne Switzerland. During the 2017 Bowl Jam, we live-streamed and edited a 360 video to provide engaging and exclusive content for HS36's social networks and website.

Content Activation for HS36 Skatepark

We designed an original setup with La Fièvre for the 2017 Bowl Jam Session, an event that brings together 30 of the best skaters from Switzerland: a 360 Facebook LIVE video offering an exclusive view from the very heart of the competition, thanks to the 360 camera hung from the 10 meters-high ceiling right into the middle of the bowl.

Working with HS36 Skatepark

We worked with La Fièvre on 360 live video streaming and 360 video production.
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Social Media Video

We streamed on Facebook a 360 Video format to offer an exclusive point of view to the fans. 360 Live video is one of the most powerful social media content types in terms of reach and engagement.

360 Video

We shot 360 video  for 3 hours during the competition in order to produce full quality (4K) immersive videos to be used on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo) and on HS36 skatepark’s website.

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