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Video content is everywhere on social media. Right now 70% of consumer internet traffic is video, and with social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat increasingly pushing this content, it’s clearly a safe bet for your social media strategy.
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What Social Media Video can do for you

According to Mark Zuckerberg, « video is a megatrend, almost as big as mobile », and all social media will keep on pushing this kind of content. Video is the simplest format to consume; it is visually engaging, entertaining and informative.

A very successful format is « square crop », silent videos that users can watch on their smartphone while scrolling through their feed. They’re everywhere on Facebook and Instagram, and capture your audience’s attention in a few seconds, thus delivering your message. Box/square format videos have proved to perform 28% better than horizontal content in terms of view rate, and increase completion rate by 67%. They are now recommended by Facebook’s creative guidelines.

We also focus on Live social media video, that has taken by storm the social giants: Periscope bought by Twitter, making (live) video their “key focus”, Facebook launching its live feature, Youtube responding in 2017 with Youtube Mobile Live feature… and all major brands, influencers and content creators surfing this new wave.

Working together on social media video production

From ideation to production and distribution, we can work together on your social media video strategy. We match business objectives with creativity, and optimize each video production with detailed analytics.


Starting from your objectives we’ll define a concept and storyboard


We’ll plan, shoot or design, edit, animate… to create your content


We’ll help you ship your content to the right channels and audiences


Getting to know your viewers, we’ll fine-tune your content to increase conversion

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