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Immersive media like 360 video offer new horizons to brands: be it in sports, events, music, or in journalism, real estate, tourism, training and advertising… your users won’t forget the experience.
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The 360 Video Revolution

Popularized by Google street views, the world has been in touch with 360 panoramic media since 2007. However, we had to wait until 2015 for Youtube to launch 360 video on a large scale, quickly followed by Facebook, WordPress and finally joined by Vimeo in 2017.

From the NBA to the New York Times, McDonalds or General Electrics: all industries were quick to realize the customer-reach potential of this medium, watchable on mobile, desktop or through VR head-mounted devices (HMD), for an unforgettable immersive moment.

Today, all major social networks host and push 360 video. It is the time to experiment with the medium and become a leader on this uncharted territory, taking a competitive edge, enjoying the benefits of immersive media for marketing and sales, and setting your brand apart through an innovative and creative approach.

Working together on 360 Video Production

From ideation to production and distribution, we will work together on your 360 video project.  We match business objectives with creativity, and optimize each production through detailed analytics.


Starting from your objectives we’ll define a concept and storyboard


We’ll plan, shoot, edit, animate… to create your 360 video


We’ll help you ship your content to the right channels and audiences


Learning from your viewers, we’ll fine-tune content to increase conversion

How do we shoot 360 video?

Over the last year and a half, shooting 360 videos has shifted from an experimental, geeky process, to an integrated, user-friendly gig. We’ve gone through all the steps of these evolutions, from custom-made go-pro rigs, to light, plug-and-play gear. Basically, the choice of shooting gear boils down to this : 6 independent cameras that need stiching in post-production, for your top-quality content; a simple 2x 180° lense camera that stiches through an available app, for your every day publications.

How do we edit 360 video?

Stiching the different angles, either via an app or through a special post-production process, is only the first step to editing your 360 piece. Good sound layering is fundamental for an immersive experience, as well as narration, music, and intelligent transitions from shot to shot. We’re fluent in editing footage for compelling stories, and we’re applying our technical and creative skills on this new medium as well; staying abreast of last trends and technological advances.

How do we optimize 360 video?

Along with large distribution support, came 360 video metrics. New stats tools have emerged to help you learn everything about your viewer’s engagement, and the visibility of your content. How long have they watched? Which parts have they engaged the most with? When do they drop-out ? Heatmaps allow you to better understand your audience by knowing where they look at. Viewer guides make sure they do not miss on the important points you’ve prepared for them.

How can viewers watch 360 video?

The web is getting increasingly 360-video friendly as the format is widely supported by YouTube, Facebook and now Vimeo. 360 content is watchable on mobile, desktop or through VR Head-mounted devices. This means we can either create content for everyday, quick consumption or attend to higher needs by creating an entirely immersive experience.

How to market and distribute 360 video?

Studies show that viewers are 10 times more likely to watch a 360 video to the end than they are with traditional video. This means a lot for your marketing strategy, especially as attention-metrics become good practice for your content’s valuation. 360 videos ensure your message is heard.

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